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You can order original spare parts and consumables for industrial technological and packaging equipment made in Europe and USA from us. Minimum order is 1 piece. We supply both individual spare parts for hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, mechanical parts of machines, and assemblies and complex units with a drive, elements of control systems, various sensors, measuring instruments and devices, non-standard equipment and consumables. Delivery time is specified by agreement.



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● Original spare parts

In our company you can order original spare parts for industrial equipment manufactured in Europe and America. Spare parts are supplied in agreement with the equipment manufacturer. If the manufacturer is no longer exists or for some reasons you cannot get spare parts from him, our specialists can buy necessary part (or its analogue) or we can design and produce the part you need according to your drawings or according to the sample (possibly broken). We accept orders for the supply (or manufacture) of spare parts from 1 piece. You can order from us:

Mechanical spare parts and machine parts

  • Industrial knives for packaging machines
  • Rollers, trims, holders, scrapers, bearings
  • Spring and cam mechanisms, gears
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Mixers, parts of transport systems for bulk products
  • Branch pipes, flanges, loading mouths, connecting couplings
  • Screws, plows, drums, rotors for mechanical equipment
  • Conveyor parts, machine parts, fix mechanismsия


for equipment


Spare parts for hydraulics

  • Hydraulic locks, hydraulic valves, hydro throttles, safety valves
  • Hydraulic flow regulators, distributors, dividers
  • Flow diverters, hydraulic taps, hand pumps
  • Hydraulic pumps of various types, couplings
  • Hydroallocators, hydraulic cylinders, heat exchangers
  • Oil stations (pumping stations), hydraulic tanks
  • Hydraulic accumulators, pressure sensors, thermostats, manometers
  • Fittings, quick couplings, hydraulic filters
  • Hydraulic seals, rings, hydraulic fasteners


for technological lines


Spare parts for pneumatics

  • Pneumatic cylinders, pressure regulators (reducers), air bag filters
  • Pneumatic throttles, manometers
  • Dampers, diverters, pneumatic stations, fittings
  • Blades for pneumatic knives
  • O-rings, membranes, bag filters
  • Pressure switches, pressure relay
  • Pneumatic nozzles, repair kits


for industrial lines


Electronics spare parts for industry

  • Electric heating elements, PID temperature controllers, communication cables
  • Solenoid coils for valves
  • Switches, relays, industrial controllers
  • Inductive, capacitive (volumetric), optical sensors, strain gauges, encoders, thermocouples, photo sensors
  • Controller boards, Interface boards, switchboards
  • Button blocks for data input, touch screens


for control units


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Machinery parts

Design and production of machinery parts by order

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Service maintenance

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Production of machinery parts according to drawings

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