Grips for quadcopter

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Quadcopter, drone grips (grippers)

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  • Mechanical grip for drone
  • Quadcopter gripper with electric or pneumatic drive

We design and manufacture custom-tailored mechanical grips for quadcopters (drones), which are mounted on it for carrying light loads, video cameras and photo equipment. Gripper parameters depends on the quadrocopter model. Together with grip you can get from us working design documentation for grip.



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● Quadrocopter gripper production

You can order in our company production of captures for the quadrocopter. We can create a mechanical unit for hanging various non-heavy loads and electronic devices under a quadcopter of any manufacturer, including European, American and Chinese drones. Design of the gripper is determined depending on the purpose of usage and type of suspended object. Drone grip can be a purely mechanical device or can have a pneumatic or electric drive. Designing is carried out in SolidWorks environment. Together with the finished product, the customer receives from us set of technical documentation, including drawings and specifications. Production terms are specified depending on the quadcopter model.

The construction material for drone gripper is selected on the basis of the bearing capacity of quadcopter

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Together with quadcopter clamps we manufacture

Technical documentation

Project design and working documentation

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Mechanical grippers with actuator for robot manipulators

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