Hooks for big bags

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Hooks for big bags hanging

We design and manufacture custom-made hooks for hanging filled big bags before unloading process. Semi- automatic unloading station consists of a rigid metal frame with hooks for hanging the bag, scissor lift and unloading neck, where bulk product enters from the big bag after cutting it. Hooks must be strong enough to support weight of the filled big bag up to 1.5 — 2 tons. The standard manufacturing material is Steel 20, other options are possible. From us you can order design and production of hooks for big bags from 1 piece.



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● Hooks for big bags production

Here you can order manufacturing of hooks for hanging big bags and large bags during loading process for packaging and unloading. The production of hooks is carried out on request in separate batches. Production terms, hooks sizes, construction material, design features and maximum load capacity are determined based on hooks field of application. Hooks are universal and suitable for hanging of any type of big bag with any straps. If for some reasons you cannot order production from us, we can provide detailed technical design documentation with drawings and specifications, using which you can produce these hooks with the help of any other equipment manufacturer.


Area of application of hooks for big bags

  • Hanging of big bags for loading and unloading
  • Hanging of large bag
  • Suspension of various cargoes

  • Food industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture

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